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Mesa Teeth Whitening

A perfect first impression can be made with a beautiful white smile. We offer a lot of teeth whitening techniques that will transform your discolored or stained teeth into a bright and stunning smile.

Teeth whitening can provide you with an ultra white smile that increases your inner confidence and you are proud to show to others.

You Have Options With Mesa Teeth Whitening Services

The most commonly used technique for teeth whitening is to use bleaching trays. Below mentioned are 3 options for teeth whitening to choose from

One of the in-office treatments is Ultradent’s Opalescence Boost in which the bleaching agent is activated chemically. This method does not use any harsh laser or light exposure as used in the Zoom whitening system. The results are better and are long-lasting with this method for teeth whitening.


If you are prioritizing convenience, we will make the bleaching trays in our office and in only visits your teeth will be whitened. It takes around one hour and 20 minutes for this procedure or 3 rounds each of 20 minutes. We use gingival liquid barrier to follow up this treatment. You can enjoy your favorite movie or tunes while your teeth are whitened.

We offer the most advanced teeth whitening system, incorporating take-home trays with in-office visits for superior results. First off we do 2 rounds of treatment at our office followed by 8 weeks of use on an impression tray that will be customized to your needs and preferences – you’ll notice a difference right away!

You can expect permanent color change when using this method because it takes advantage both internally (during treatments) as well externally (through custom-fitted appliances).


Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Strips

We know it is alluring to buy over-the-counter teeth whitening strips but the results are not satisfactory in a long run. These white strips are weaker as compared to the in-office teeth whitening techniques. Some of these strips can damage your teeth and do not help in achieving that bright smile.

Contact our experts to find out how you can gain your confidence with the brightest smile.

Call our office to find out how you can achieve your whitest smile.

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“I was referred to this company for a crown, and I had a great experience with this dental office! Angela, Dr. Roper, and staff were all super nice, and they did a great job taking care of me! Thank you!!!”

— Alisha M.

“Dr. Torgerson did a wonderful job. He was thorough and very informative. Her skill level was beyond excellent. Thank you”

— Rob D.

“Outstanding experience, cordial and welcoming atmosphere and attention from beginning to end.”

— Joe R.